Finding Strength through the Journey

God has shown me that he finds a way to turn our pain into purpose. I hope here, my words can help you know that your struggles can become someones strength. Your words can become someones wisdom. And your tears can become someones truth.



  • Overcoming Fears: Living with Selective Mutism

    As parents we see the struggles our children face every day. We know our children best and see things that others don’t usually see. We know their personal inner battles that they need to overcome. Not only in my personal life, but in my profession as a special education teacher as well, I see children…

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  • A Letter to You Son as Your 16th Birthday Nears: Give Me Grace as I Begin to Let Go…

    To My First Born, It’s 11:15 at night, I’m sitting on the couch after just filling our wood stove, and the rest of the house is sleeping. It’s complete silence besides the crackling of the fire and the click of my laptop keys. In just a few days you’re turning 16 and truthfully I’m not…

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  • The Christmas Plate: The Story it Tells

    As I stood at the kitchen sink washing the Christmas plates to put out for dinner the grief came in like a tidal wave. As I wiped the sponge across the plate I looked at the Christmas tree on the center and I remembered the Christmas dinners we had growing up. I remembered my mother’s…

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  • Emotions: An Excerpt From My Upcoming Book

    I’ve started back working on my book. As I worked through writing one of the chapters this morning this part hit me and I wanted to share it with you all. As mother’s our alone time is sacred. We get very little of it, but when we do it’s often in those few moments that…

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  • I’m the Author of My Own Story

    I’ve thought many times lately that I’ve wanted to write. I’ve wanted to share my thoughts and words with others…but then I felt stuck. I haven’t felt that what I wanted to say was “important enough” which I know is silly. I’ve also not been sure what it was I was supposed to say or…

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  • Running My First Marathon and How It Changed My Life

    Ever since I started running road races after graduating college I had the thought of completing a marathon. For years I doubted myself. I’d seen others of all ages run marathons, some friends of mine, some acquaintances, and some just strangers that I saw when I ran other road races. However, I thought to myself…

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