Emotions: An Excerpt From My Upcoming Book

I’ve started back working on my book. As I worked through writing one of the chapters this morning this part hit me and I wanted to share it with you all.

As mother’s our alone time is sacred. We get very little of it, but when we do it’s often in those few moments that we release pent up emotions. For me I release a lot through tears. Sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re sad. At times they come from a place of anxiety, frustration, or fear. As we went through the three months of my mother’s cancer battle I cried often. I feel this excerpt from one of the chapters I’m working on is something many other Mom’s will be able to relate to. This was the morning of the day we went to her first appointment together.

“As I stood there with the warm water running down my skin I lost it. All the emotions came flooding in as I felt the warm water on my skin. I tipped my head back into the stream of the shower and let the water envelope my face as it washed the tears away and the water cleansed me. The sound of water was calming in that moment as it ran over my ears and shut out the world. I felt, as I stood there in silence all alone, as if I was taken away from all the worry and fear. In that moment everything from the weeks leading up to that day was released. All the emotions and tiredness from my sleepless nights. As a mom the time alone in the shower is often one of the only times we have to ourselves. This morning those few moments alone allowed me to feel it all.”

Much Love,


(Original post-July 12, 2022)

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