I’m Right Where I’m Meant to Be

Photo By Zach Locke Photography

It’s been a quiet Sunday morning over here. Drinking coffee, listening to the melting snow dripping off of the house, and reading my morning devotionals. I know I’ve been a bit quiet the past month or so. I’ve been doing a lot of inner soul searching and finding what puts my mind at peace and makes my heart happy. As a busy Mom of two and working full time as a teacher life can get crazy and you can lose yourself. I’ve been taking time away from social media, quieting my mind, and the chaos around me, and trying to listen to the inner voice and where God is guiding me.

As I’ve shared many times I have a passion for writing and sharing my words with others, but I’m not always sure what others want to hear or to read about. As I’ve stepped away from social media I’ve continued my morning journaling. This has been something I’ve done for years. Through these pages I’m honest about where my heart and my head are. It’s raw, real, and at times painful. But as mother’s, as wives, and as daughter’s of the Lord we often wonder if what we feel each day is normal. We question ourselves and feel self doubt. I want my words to help other women know that the feelings they may be facing are what we all feel at one time or another. Through these pages I want you to join me on my journey through faith, healing, motherhood, and the writing of my first memoir. The raw moments, the moments of questioning, and the moments of growth. I want you to join me for them all. I want you to know that we all have the feelings over time.

Over the past few months through my journaling and times I’ve spent reflecting I’ve learned that I’m right where I’m meant to be. That even in the moments of doubt this is where the Lord has placed me. Each experience I face, that we all face, helps us grow into who the Lord has created us to be. Without those experiences we wouldn’t grow, learn, or see what our future holds. Each situation is an experience we grow from and becomes a part of who we are and prepares us for the bigger plan the Lord has ahead of us.

I’m excited to begin to share with you more. To bring you along this journey with me through motherhood, faith, and the everyday ups and downs of this life.

Much Love xoxo


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